Print Ad Campaign


The goal of this brief was to hit a new target demographic for WD40 to show off its usability in various ways. I chose a young male skater demographic and appealed to them with humour and style. Tapping into the skate or die culture and understanding their passion and love for skateboarding.


You would find these ads at bus stops, train stations close to where the demographics would skate. 

Bus Stop Ads
Bus Stop Ads

Social Media Campaign


Stickers are a huge part of skate culture. Skate decks, and skate parks are covered in stickers. It is a non-gimmicky approach to spread the news about the product while sharing a laugh.

Product Packaging


The product would come in a smaller spray container with one of the characters from the print advertisement wrapped around the entire can holding the can and his skateboard. The stickers would come with the can so each buyer can throw up a few WD40 stickers.