The Brief


D&AD New Blood Competition.


Update and animate a classic female character, Billy the Cat, to inspire the world to embrace rebellion, think more kid like and spread the beano spirit. The cartoon is for 10-12-year-olds in the UK and beyond. It must also appeal to parents who are kids at heart. 



Character Design


Billy is a young, intelligent girl with a strong imagination. When Billy sees something bad happen like bullying her brain is overstimulated, overwhelmed, and kicks into overdrive aka. Billy The Cat jumps out to secretly save the day. 


The design was inspired by paint splatters, representing Billy's creative sporadic, energetic, and ultimately creative side.  



App Design


Billy the Cat App promotes Beano's online presence and works as a game on their Beano App as well.  It lets the young demographic, ages 9 to 11, to take photos of themselves but alters their face to look like Billy's face. This keeps their identity safe and secure on the internet while still taking part and being included in on the online fun.   


Guerilla Marketing Campaign


Since Billy's eyes are a distinctive character trait,

I decided googly eyes glued around the streets of London would be the perfect amount of comedy and wit making for a humble combination.